I’m a brand new artist living and working in Melbourne. I may not have been to art school, but innovation, creativity and conceptual exploration have always been a fundamental aspect of both my education and adult working life.

In the eight years I spent working in advertising I was influenced by some of the most brilliant minds and charismatic personalities, inspired by the work they produced and motivated by their passion.  While I was never really able to find creative satisfaction from my role as a suit, it gave me the energy and ambition to create something of my own.

I use black pen and pencils on paper to produce simple compositions with intense detail.  In many ways, my work is about the craft of drawing itself. It’s an exploration of time, patience and repetition, of the discipline and commitment required to achieve mastery. With some large scale works taking more than a hundred hours to complete, they inadvertently tell a personal story of perfectionism and the relentless desire for excellence.

I am obsessed with street fashion and love nothing more than devouring images of hip, stylish and effortlessly cool people. The frivolousness of my favorite pastime plagues me with guilt, and yet continues to be my greatest source of inspiration. The collection of life size portraits I’m currently working on takes cues from this style of fashion photography to explore themes of attitude, body language and the unique way that people find connection to everyday life through the expression of their body.